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How does Online Interior Design work?

Using an online interior designer is an efficient and time saving solution for people who want to use a professional interior designer.

Step 1.
Write to us
Online Interior Design

On receiving your questionnaire, a designer will call you at your specified time. We prefer to use Skype for international calls.

Step 2.
Free Consultation
Online Interior Design

This is the opportunity to discuss your requirments in more details with Julie Wimmer.


Online Interactive Consultations


Too busy? Too much choice? Don't know where to start? Have a room that you just can’t quite get together? Somehow something is off about it or doesn’t quite feel/look right?

What is Julie Wimmer Online Interactive Consultations?

Julie Wimmer interior design consulting available no matter where you are in the world!

How can Julie Wimmer Online Interactive Consultations help me?

Are you a person who knows what you like and don’t like but are not sure how to create the change you may envision or where to begin? Ever want to pick a Designer’s brain and get expert help? Online Interactive Consultations is best suited for people who are DIY’s, working with a modest budget or anyone interested in good design but not needing a full design service. We will help you by answering your basic design questions, provide the information you need to understand what “good” design is so you can be more confident and assured in doing your project yourself with satisfying results.


Architects and Company


Our approach to commercial projects is to provide the client with creative design solutions that are functionally and commercially viable. At the same time we give each particular project an efficient and unique environment. The result of our work is dictated by time, cost and quality.

Architects and Company

Fill out the contact form for a free no obligation consultation:


How to Measure a Room


How to Measure a Room for Decorating

1. First, you need to measure the length and width of the room. Using a retractable measuring tape, or laser measuring tool, measure the room from end to end in one direction, an d in the other. Draw a rectangle on the paper and record the measurement of each wall on the paper. If your room is rectangle, then you are done. If your room is odd shaped, you will also need to measure odd corners and walls.

2. Next, you need to measure each wall. You will already have the length of each wall from your floor measurement. Now you need to measure the height of the wall from floor to ceiling. Knowing the height of the ceiling in your room will give you the dimensions of each wall.

3. Next, you need to measure the width of the windows, the length of the windows, and how far the top of the windows are from the floor. You will also need to record how far the bottom of the window is from the floor. Do this for each wall.

4. Do not forget to measure your doors. This measurement is not only important for ordering wall treatments, but it is imperative to know if different items will fit into your room. To measure the door, measure the height and width of the inside of the door frame. Also, take note of whether you have clearance outside of the room to maneuver large items through the opening.

Draw your floor plan. It doesn't matter if the lines aren't straight and the proportions aren't accurate, as long as we can read it!

How to take photographs of your room

1. Please photograph in your room by standing in one corner and take a photo facing towards the centre of the room. Once you have taken a photo of each wall as shown, look through your photographs to check that you have covered all of the room. Feel free to take more if you think it is necessary.

We do not need professional type photos, any snaps will do :-)


Frequently Asked Questions


This page contains the answers to our most frequently asked questions. 


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