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Frequently Asked Questions


This page contains the answers to our most frequently asked questions. 


 How Julie Wimmer Online Interior Consultation different from other online interior designers?

We will show you your actual room 2D and 3D. You don't need to imagine it from a collection of small samples.


 Is Julie Wimmer Online Interior Consultation licensed and registered?

Yes! This is a licensed and registered online interior decorating company providing legitimate online interior decor services to our customers.


 How will Julie Wimmer Online Interior Consultation help me?

Julie Wimmer provides direct visual & audio online interior decorating services. Instead, clients can get professional online interior decor advice for the fraction of the cost.


 Why should I use Julie Wimmer Online Interior Consultation rather than finding a local designer?

A cost effective way to use the services of a professional interior designer over the internet. Its a great new way to use the services of an interior designer, saving you time and money – no home visits needed and up front prices.


Do you offer your services in any other countries?
Yes, we are willing to offer our design services in any country. We send all project information electronically rather than by mail. This ensures a prompt delivery and avoids issues with customs.


How do you show the final design and what exactly will I get?
You will receive by email:
2D Floor Plan & Furniture Layout
3D visualization of your room
Color & Material Inspiration Board
Furniture Specifications
A custom Made Design Board
Accessories, Art and Lamp Recommendations
Specification and Ordering Information for All Items
A detailed shopping list of product recommendations, prices and where to buy
Professional Interior Design Tips


What types of services does Julie Wimmer Online Interior Consultation provide?
There are 2 basic Online Interior Decorating services offered for your online decor needs. It's easy! It all starts with the questionnaire Online Interior Design Package oder Online Interior Consultation.

Step 1.
Write to us
Step 2.
Free Consultation
Step 3.
Make payment
Step 4.
Choose Your Style
Step 5.
Fill in questionnaire
Step 6.
Send us sketches, dimensions & photos
Step 7.
Receive custom made design package


Who will design my room?
Julie Wimmer will personally create your room design from start to finish.


Is my room design going to be exclusive to me?
Julie Wimmer will design your room exclusively for you, your family, lifestyle and budget. No two room designs will be the same.


If I order more than one room to be designed can I use a different style?
Yes, you can have as many styles as you like.


How long does it take to receive my room design?
Once we receive all of your information, our turnaround time is three weeks. Your new room design should be with you no later than 2-3 weeks, but usually before this time. Often, the design will be completed and sent sooner. We offer a rush service with a guaranteed one week completion time for an additional charge.


How do I pay for your Interior Julie Wimmer Online Interior Consultation?
Within 24 hours of placing your order, you will receive an email order confirmation
You will then receive a phone call or email directly from Julie Wimmer to fine tune your wishes. This is the opportunity to discuss your requirments in more details with Julie Wimmer. If you are happy to proceed payment can be made by bank transfer, by credit /debit card oder via PayPal online. You don’t need to have a Pay Pal account to complete the order, you can pay through Pay Pal using your debit or credit card.


Why do I need to photograph and measure my room?
When we design your room we take into consideration the size, door and window placement and where the furniture will fit, as well as proportion and scale.


What measurements are needed?
Julie Wimmer Online Interior Consultation only needs a general room square footage and wall measurements. Provide the approximate wall dimensions as labeled North, East, South and West walls of your digital photo when completing your order.


Will the questionnaire take a long time to fill out?
This questionnaire should not be time consuming but it is an extremely important part of the design process. Most clients need about 30 minutes to fill out the questionnaire and submit their project information. If that seems like a lot, consider how much time you will spend returning that rug and/or re-painting because "it just wasn't right". As a wise man once said – "Do it right the first time and you don't have to do it again."


I want to use some of my favourite pieces of furniture and accessories, can you utilise these into the design?
We certainly can integrate your existing items into the new design. We request that you provide us with a photograph of each item you want to keep and the measurements of that item.


If I don’t want to measure and photograph my room can I still order a room design?
That is not a problem at all. It just means that the room design will be generic rather than customized.


What Happens to my personal information and photos?
Julie Wimmer Online Interior Consultation will keep your information on file but it will not get passed on to other companies.


What if I don’t like something you select for my room?
Our designs include several options for most items. While the items are often similar stylistically, there will be some differences often in details, materials, color and price. This gives you, the client, the ability to select what you like best with the confidence that it will work well in the overall design.


What happens if I don’t like my room design? What is your guarantee policy?
It is important to us that you feel completely comfortable in selecting Julie Wimmer Online Interior Consultation to assist you with the design of your home. If you are not satisfied, the first thing we will do is to modify the current design to better meet your expectations based on your explanation and concerns. Julie wimmer wants you to be completely happy with the design she has created for you. If you are still not pleased, our final step is to redesign the room for you. Please email Julie Wimmer with your concerns and she will try and alter the design to meet your needs. We will need for you to submit a new room questionnaire, and provide more details regarding your tastes and likes and dislikes so that our final plan is one that you are satisfied with.


What if I need my room design really fast. Is there a rush service?
If you would like your room design completed immediately, we offer a rush service for a guaranteed turn around time of one week. For this super fast service, please add our rush service to your order for an additional $200 per room design.


I have a limited budget – can this work for me?
One of the most important questions we ask you is about budget. We will make recommendations for your project based on your budget. In addition, we give several options for most items so you have decision making options. As well, all recommended items can be substituted with less expensive or more expensive options to best fit your budget. We can work wonders with existing furniture, maybe a little paint, and definitely some imagination. We will do whatever we can to help yousimply love your space.


What stores does Julie Wimmer Online Interior Consultation represent?
We do not represent any stores or manufactures so we can select items from anywhere.


Where do I buy the products featured in my new Room Design?
All products used in your new room design can be purchased either online from well established retailers or from well known suppliers. In some cases Julie Wimmer can source individual and unique pieces including original art for you. Julie Wimmer Online Interior Consultation will specify trusted retailers that you can easily find online or in your city. You may even be able to purchase everything without ever leaving the house! We have a large list of sources, which vary depending on the style of the design and client budget. We give you a project specific list with the name of each source and the respective website address so the ordering is simplified. Our designs include furniture and furnishing from online sources that you may know and some you have yet to discover. In addition, we will also specify a few select products available from our trade only sources.


Can I ask follow-up questions relating to my design?
Yes, we are happy to answer questions about your design free of charge. We strive to be helpful and friendly, and are willing to chat with you via email after the completed design if necessary.


How can I be sure that the paint, fabric, wallpaper etc used in my new room design will be the same shade once in situ as they look online?
Julie Wimmer Online Interior Consultation will include all product information with your new room design so you can order samples if you wish.


How can you guarantee that the paint colours and fabrics will look as good in my room when they can look different on the computer?
When we select paint colours we do not do this online, we use large samples from national companies. We will supply you with all the product reference numbers so you can visit a local store to check out the colours/textures.


I am nervous about placing an order with an online design company. Can I talk to a live person first?
Doing business online and online interior design consultation is far removed from the face to face interaction normally experienced in providing such a personal service and we understand the need for human communication and the reassurance of knowing that there is a real person behind the website. With Interior Design it is important to know that there is an experienced and seasoned interior design professional behind our online service. Please feel free to call us at 00420-736-661-789 to ask any order related questions prior to placing your order. If you reach our voicemail, please leave us a message and we will promptly return your call.


If you do not find the answer you are looking for, feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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